Time Management

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Our Time Management: Goal Setting

Ricky-Lee Watts
Victoria, British Columbia

Tips & Tricks

College/University ISN'T High School

DO NOT do your assignments the night before they are due. It is better to start it on the day you receive it, so you don't have to worry about it later on. There are deadlines that you need to follow, some professors/instructors will not give extra time. It is better to get the assignment done early rather than stress about it being late. 

Make Time at School Count

It is better to work on assignments at school and not at home. It is easier to focus on school work at school. There are people to help you with your assignments and you can concentrate more. When you get home no matter what good intentions you had about studying or working on an assignment, you will just want to chill with your roommates. 

Make A Schedule and Follow It

Create a daily schedule for yourself. 
Figure out what works best for you, don't try and create a schedule you will never follow. For example, if you have trouble getting going in the morning, prep everything in the evening. Have your shower before bed, decide on your clothes, have lunch and coffee ready to go, and all your school stuff packed. That way you can grab and go! This may mean that you start prepping for tomorrow and bed around 830pm. 
The rest of your daily schedule is set by your classes. DO NOT SKIP CLASS. You are paying for this time, take it seriously. 

Using a Calendar or planner

Phones and most email accounts come with a calendar or scheduling application. Scheduling important meetings and events in the app will help you keep track of what you need to do throughout the day. You can set it up to send you reminders.

If you are not good at remembering to put things into the app, getting a day-planner that you can write in might be really helpful. It gives you a place to write daily to do's, track assignments due dates and important deadlines, so you can make sure you are on track for your classes and do not forget to do something important.

Make Time For Fun

Make sure you make time for fun. Going to a movie with friends, a walk to a park, an escape room, or a nice dinner with friends can help ease some stress you have put on yourself while at school. If money is an issue, have friends over for a potluck and movie or games night at your apartment. 

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Go to bed at a good hour, do not stay up late watching tv or playing video games. You do not want to be tired in class. 

Break Down Large Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

When making a to-do list (or goals) consider breaking it down into smaller pieces. This create mini projects that can feel more achievable than a big project. Example, instead of "Clean Apartment" break it down into rooms or specific tasks such as clean toilets, scrub floors, vacuum, clean fridge to find bad smell. This way you can check off each task as you complete them, you know what you have completed and you feel like you have done something productive.

Tools & Resources

Study Skills and Time Management Tips

Not really sure how to schedule your time? Do you find you procrastinate to the point of panicking the day before an assignment is due? Are you having trouble finding the time to hang out with friends, study, eat, sleep and oh right, go to class?
Check out the links below that contain helpful videos and some tips on how to schedule your day so you have for everything you want to do.

Study Skills – Time Management

Top time management tips for students | Beyond Ideas

To Do Lists & Prioritizing

Creating a To-Do list can be easy, there is always something to do. However, it can feel overwhelming. Consider breaking your to do list into three basic categories: School (assignments, readings...), Social (clubs, volunteer, events, friends...), Adulting (groceries, bills, chores...)
Within these categories you can break down the to do into smaller parts. This is helpful to wrap your mind around a big project. Smaller "to-do's/goals" feel more achievable than bigger to-do's. The link below is a great article that gives you a few examples and tips on how to prioritize your to-do's.

How to Prioritize Work: 9 Practical Methods When "Everything is Important"


Do you work best with visuals? The Kanban method works really well for visual leaners and creative types. Using a white board or paper stuck to your wall and post it notes, you can make your lists, colour coded if you like, and then move them around as you move through the tasks. It is a great way to see what is needed to be done, in process, and finished! The simplest form is possibly 

Plan / Process / Complete (or To Do / Doing / Done).

Check out the link below for more information, and look on YouTube for different tutorials. It works really great with group projects. 

Visual Organizational Board for College Students : 7 Steps

Time Management Apps

There are so many time management apps that it is hard to suggest one that might work for you. If the calendar app on your phone is just what you need, perfect. But if you are looking for other helpful apps to organize your time and make sure you pick up the right groceries, check out the following link for 14 Time Management Apps for students. 

14 Top Time Management Apps for Students in 2020