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Self Care Plan

Ricky-Lee Watts
Victoria, British Columbia

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We all have a passion. This is mine! From an early age, I decided to master my craft. And I’ve been learning ever since.

Tips & Tricks

Self Care Plan

Before leaving home create a Self Care Plan. 

  • What comforts will you need to ease anxiety and tension? Will you have access to these things while you are away? If not, what can you do instead?
  • Know your triggers and the signs that you may be triggered.
  • Have coping strategies in place. (Apps, phone numbers to call, etc.)

Go Offline

At least one hour before you head to bed, turn off your phone, put away your computer, step away from the tablet (or at least turn on the night settings). The lights and continuous information coming at you from your devices can keep your brain active long after you head to bed. Taking that hour to step away and go through your nightly routine can help you go to sleep faster and have a more restful sleep.

Take The Time

Make sure you are the time for you. It might mean scheduling in a walk, time to read, go to the gym or take in a painting class, but make sure you take some time every week to do something you love and that makes you feel like you again. All these new changes can be overwhelming, so it is nice to do something that you know.

Tools & Resources

Tolerance for Uncertainty: A COVID-19 Workbook

Learn to accept your feelings, tolerate distress and move forward with grace despite not knowing what lies ahead.

This resource is not just for during the COVID-19 situation but for any part of our lives. It covers topics of Understanding emotional distress and wellness planning, emotional regulation, radical acceptance, improving emotional distress and self compassion. The workbook takes you through strategies and activities you can use to help while at school or in your everyday life. 

Tolerance for Uncertainty: A COVID-19 Workbook


Need help unplugging? We spend a lot of time on our phones and other tech, sometimes so much, we don’t even realize we have missed a bus stop or dinner. Offtime helps you balance your phone usage so you spend more time not missing out on life around you and focusing on what really matters.

If you have trouble with social media consumption or time spent on your phone, this app can help you.

Android Offtime

Apple iOS Offtime

App: Happy Not Perfect

The app works with 7 steps. First it has you check in with yourself and how you are feeling. Then it takes you through a quick breathing exercise, and a journaling activity to let go of your worries, where you then get to light it on fire! A quick gratitude activity, a game, a compassion exercise or mini challenge, and finishes with you sending someone a positive vibe.

The website also contains guides, experts and meditations to help you through almost any situation.

Apple iOs Happy Not Perfect

Android Happy Not Perfect

App: Happify

Helps to reduce stress and negative thoughts and works with you to learn new habits while working on your well-being skills using mediations, games and activities.
Apple iOS Link Happify
Android Link Happify 

App: Sunrise Inspiration

Get a daily motivational quote or pep talk, as well as a calming nature picture, sent straight to your phone. This app also has inspirational videos and e-cards, and a huge database so that you can search for the exact quote you need to inspire you in the moment.

Only for Apple: Apple iOS Sunrise Inspiration