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Where do I buy groceries, how do I get to school, what do you mean there is no airport in my new community? Answers and helpful tips found here.

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Transportation: Buses, Taxi's and Uber.

Patricia Kablutsiak
Arviat, Nunavut

This video contains a reference to inappropriate behaviour from a hired driver. If you find yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable please contact:

Women's Safety

Is Uber Safe for Riders?

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Fireside Chat with Sasha Mark

Sasha has recently moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver and talks about how important it is to connect with the community and stay connected with your old community.

"There is a place for you to go wherever you go, wherever you put your feet."- Sasha


Tips & Tricks


Get a monthly pass for the bus or transit system in your community. This will save you a lot of money. Using a taxi all the time will eat up your money. Uber will be cheaper, but still cost a lot of money.
WISE ADVICE: NEVER take Uber or Taxi alone at night. If you have to, sit in the back seat behind the driver. This will keep you safer if the driver tries to do something inappropriate. In that seat they cannot reach you as easily.

Tools and Resources

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App: Google Maps

Google Maps is also a fantastic tool to help you navigate a new community. You can enter addresses or look up locations of places you want to go and find the best route whether it is by car, public transportation, walking or biking.

You can also download the map of your area for offline use. Great for if you are in the Metro in Montreal or the TTC Subway, which are both underground.

Android Google Maps
Apple iOS Google Maps

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Useful Transportation Apps & Websites

Door to door transportation:
Uber, Lyft and local Taxi companies (check their websites for more information)

Via Rail

Community Transit Commissions (examples):

British Columbia:


New Brunswick:


Nova Scotia:




**Community not listed? Search "Community Name" and Transit to find your local transportation authority.

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Transportation in your Community

Keep in mind that using Uber, Lyft or a Taxi can be super convenient, however, get super expensive quickly. If you plan your time well you could walk or bike to your destination, or take the local bus or lite rail. These are much cheaper options, saving you money in the long run and a great way to see your new community.

Keep Uber, Taxi and Lyft for late at night when walking should not be an option.

Some campus have a SAFE DRIVE program which will bring you from campus to you home (distance depending) if you are on campus late at night.

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Transportation from Airport/Rail Station to New Community

If you are arriving to your new home via rail or airport you may be able to catch a quick Uber, Taxi or city bus or lite rail to your new home. However, sometimes the school you have chosen may not be located a quick drive away, and paying for a 200km Taxi ride is not in the budget!
Depending on what province you are in your best bet may be to catch a local coach bus: Greyhound (ON), Maritime Bus (NB,NS, PEI)