Do you believe in yourself? Or do you sometimes fall into thinking that you'll never be good at things? Find your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to build your confidence.

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Fireside Chat with Krista Paul

Be yourself, girl! Love yourself. That's I think the biggest thing. I'm still working on it. And I think everybody does. Things change, but I would say, "Just get out of your shell and do you. Don't worry about what people think because it doesn't matter. We're all made differently and there's a reason. It would be so flipping boring if you were all made the same, because then it would be the same. But we all have different purposes. We all bring something different to the table. So it's just be you and love you."



Dakota Bear,
Vancouver, British Columbia


Tips & Tricks

How to Be More Confident

Everyone can work to gain more confidence. Here are a few tips to try:

  • Do your homework. Study. Do assignments. Prepare for class, tests, and quizzes. Why? If you've been keeping on top of class work all along, you'll feel more confident in tests and finals. The best defense against test anxiety and school stress is to keep up and do the work steadily.
  • Dare to be the real you. Let others see you for who you are — mistakes, insecurities, and all. Insecurities are easier to move past when we don't feel like we have to hide them. Embrace your quirks instead of trying to be like someone else or acting in a way that's not true to you.

    It takes courage and confidence to be real. But the more real we are, the more self-confident we become. Confidence builds self-esteem.

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Tools and Resources


Joining a Toastmasters club can help you build self-confidence and self awareness, improve your public speaking skills, build leadership skills and a great way to make new friends.

Check your school for a club or search for a local club at:

Toastmasters International -Home

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Build Confidence

If you have difficulty maintaining confidence because of things you feel you can't do, it makes sense to improve your skills. Carry out a Personal SWOT Analysis  to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then draw up an action plan to work on the areas where you're not so strong.
Personal SWOT Analysis Website
Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Building Confidence Exercises

Do you believe in yourself? Or do you sometimes fall into thinking that you'll never be good at things? You can build confidence, just like you can build any other positive emotion.
These exercises can be done at any age.

Building Confidence Exercises