Circles of Support

Me: The Circle of Intimacy are the people who are closest to you, those we rely on every day and those who know us best.  They are people we can hardly imagine living without.  Examples include parents, grandparents or other family, housemates, caregivers.

2. The Circle of Participation are our friends and family members who know us well, who we can call on when we need them and who can call on us.  Examples are friends at school or work, team mates or coaches, people where you work, support staff, teachers.

3. The Circle of Participation are those who we might see with regularity, who have some interests or associations in common with you.  Examples are people at the gym, classmates, new roommates, team mates or coaches, bus drivers, neighbours, people where you worship, customers where you work.

4. The Circle of Exchange includes people who are in your life because they are providing a service you are paying for.  We all have people who fit into this category; doctors, therapists, trainers, support providers, hair dressers, attorneys.

Adapted from: Circles of Support

Worksheet from Talking Mental Health Teacher Toolkit | Teaching Resources