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You're planning on attending college or university, and it's a big step. We've collected advice, resources, free apps, and videos from Northern students who have been there, done that. Ready to learn from their experiences? 
Welcome to the Future Pathways Navigator.

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You're In Charge Now!

Finally FREEDOM!!!! But what does that really mean? Learn how to take charge of your life.

At School

Post secondary is not like high school. Hear what tips and tricks students from across the Connected North network have for you.


Do you believe in yourself? Or do you sometimes fall into thinking that you'll never be good at things? Find your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to build your confidence.


Take out may be convenient but it gets pricy. Cooking your own meals and learning to cook traditional meals from home can be less expensive and fun!

Dealing with Racism

Racism can come in many forms, from overt to covert racism and micro aggressions. Learn from youth some ways of dealing with hurtful  comments.


Missing your friends, family, dog? Questioning why you left home in the first place? Everyone feels homesick at some point in their lives. Check out some things you and your family can do to help you through this transition. 

Making New Friends

You haven't had to make new friends since Kindergarten, how the heck do you make friends as an adult? Learn some tips and tricks to help you make new friends and how to have a conversation with people you don't even know!

Mental Health

Everything is new and exciting and scary. Learn what resources are available to you to help you succeed.


You only get so much funding a month, learn how to pay your bills and have fun too.

New Community

Where do I buy groceries, how do I get to school, what do you mean there is no airport in my new community? Answers and helpful tips found here.

Partying 101

FINALLY! Freedom, independence, limited supervision and partying!

2SLGBTQIA+, Questioning & Allies

Here you will find youth created resources, uplifting videos and documentaries to help learn about 2SLGBTQIA+.

Self Care

You will be busy with classes, studying and navigating your new life, but it is important to take time for yourself.

Self Esteem

You are worthy of being here. You are smart. Your family is proud of you. 
If you have trouble thinking these things, taking compliments or reassuring yourself of your worthiness, take a look here to learn how to build your self esteem, because you are amazing and we are proud of you.

Time Management

Do you leave things to the last minute to finish? Are you spending too much time sleeping or on Social Media? Did you forget an assignment that was due yesterday? Click here to learn how to manage your time more effectively.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

We have interviewed over 135 Indigenous Role Models about what their career path has looked like. Explore options and learn from their words of wisdom and experience.

Explore Canadian 

Universities and Colleges

Well-being Framework

We've put together some reflections on what influences student well-being in our Connected North partner schools, including some helpful and harmful approaches. We'd love to share this resource with you to learn from and share with the educators who are working to support you!

A special Thank You to all the students who spoke up and the Future Pathways Role Models for your guidance, insight, suggestions and trust in making this digital platform to help youth with the transition between high school and their future goals.